Friday, June 19, 2009


So it has been a crazy week -- for me, in a tiny navel-gazing no-time-to-blog sense, and for the world. I'm not going to now try to jump into Iran-blogging, or catch up on everything I've missed; here are a couple quick points and links.

(1) Andrew Sullivan has been doing a remarkable job on Iran. He might be getting some stuff wrong (as he knows and frequently acknowledges), and he's clearly not getting much sleep, but the Dish for the last week has been exhilerating reading. Eric Martin has a great post up at ObWi (where, by the way, hilzoy has also been posting incredibly thoughtful pieces re. Iran this week) praising Sullivan and articulating how his work this last week has, perhaps, helped "spark empathy and strengthen bonds across what are fraught cultural and political divides" by putting human faces on the too-often demonized Iranian population.

(2) The Washington Post fired Dan Froomkin? Seriously?? WTF???

(3) A note of advice to anyone planning a wedding in a public park: NO, apparently you CANNOT assume that a massive, entirely unannounced construction project won't start up at your wedding site in the weeks immediately before your wedding, when it's way too late to switch location. I recommend friends & family with a really good sense of humor. A very nice contractor happening to be in charge of the project helps too.

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